SaaS based registration service are the trend


In 2017, many trends have depreciated or are adopted. Trends are meant to be changed and adopted with time. Any trend setting up is meant to change things are done in a particular way or introduce something new and start something fresh.

In information technology, things change drastically. With new innovations coming up almost every month, trends are certainly meant to change.

Just like Snap inc's Spectacles.

Registration service is also one such IT technology which is helping businesses and website owners to improve and scale up processes.

Registration service as name suggests, is related to registration on a website. A service which helps visitors to register on a website but with some additional features.

Firstly it include different methods which can be used to authenticate to a site. Methods like social login and otp login provide a positive user experience while authenticating to a website.

Giving visitors options while authenticating will give them convenience of choosing one.

Chances of breaking down is also negligible because it is fully managed by service provider (maintenance and updates) .

Along with providing convenience of authenticating , storage of visitor identities is also done in a secure environment. Many businesses have opted it because of this reason.

Data is stored on secured server which are completely at different locations and has no attachment with website's server. So even if the main website gets compromised, identities stay safe.

It being a SaaS solution, gives flexibility for a business and website owners to drive things their way. If some day a business decides to scale up things, they can easily scale up by choosing another package along with an existing subscription.

Speciality of saas solutions is that they are subscription based. There is no license required for running it.

These such features attract businesses and website owners to adopt it and soon it became a trend.