Progressive Profiling: Key to immense data collection


Data is the new Gold.

The line indeed is true and defining. Every sector has its necessity for data which they utilize in different processes. In order to get clarity over market, customers etc. data is very important.

It not only helps businesses streamline strategies but also helps in checking efforts and result while in execution of processes.

Data collection is a routine process today which almost every business is doing on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The primary goal for every business is to collect as much information they can gather from customers via surveys, feedback emails etc.

Online world today is another way businesses can collect data about their customers. A website or online survey is the best method to collect online customer data.

If we talk about website, there are certain ways business can get information from customers while using their website. Registration, activity tracking, heatmaps etc are some of the ways through which thorough and accurate data can be collected from website about users.

Progressive profiling is a feature that is an extension of dynamic form fields and allows you serve relative from fields while registration and after registration.

To get more data while registration, visitors are served with long registration form with mandatory and non-mandatory fields. Many times such registration form causes visitors to abandon the site or exclude non-mandatory fields, causing loss of a visitor or data.

What happens in progressive profiling is that user is served with minimalistic of questions at sign-up. As soon as email is validated and user simultaneously start to log-in, they are served with small set of input fields.

This way lots of data can be collected from customers with their consent and can be utilized for marketing and product development purpose.

Business can choose to ask any details from customers without making them irritated.