identity as a service platform: The new adaption of online Businesses


Today technology has influenced every one professionally and personally. Most of the businesses took this change in a positive aspect and moulded themselves accordingly.

Although resources and investments were there but it brought out significant results.

Businesses today are running on certain choices they have made technologically and are regular in their processes. Businesses are looking for solutions which can increase their productivity, revenues and ROI's.

Identity as a service is a SaaS based platform which is widely adopted by businesses today. Identity as a Service or IdaaS is a cloud based SaaS platform which helps in managing identities of customers.

Identity as a service offers various authentication services and storage for businesses in a single umbrella making authentication and analytics easy for business.

IDaaS solutions provide a range of identity and access management services such as:

  • Customer Registration: Just like a normal registration solution, it helps visitors to signup/signin on an web property. It offers other methods to authenticate other than traditional registration. Social login, OTP login are other methods which are secure and appreciated by customers. For businesses, it helps in increasing user experience on their web property.

  • Single Sign-on: Single sign-on is quite complex but a beneficial service. Single Sign-on or SSO offers authentication on multiple web properties using a single login or credential. It is possible only if the websites are owned by a single enterprise or is in partnership with SSO implemented website.

What attracted businesses was that identity management became a simplified entity for them, which previously needed extra resources and time to manage. IDaaS as an outsource solution serves as an add-on for a web property and runs as external entity, which makes it secure and does not get much affected by any incidents on main property.

Along with security, one of the problems of integration with other applications was also sorted out. IDaaS is easily compatible with other applications and works as add-on for them too.

By far Identity as a Service is helping businesses in getting maximum out of their customers as well as securing identities.