Elements to A/B Test in your website to drive traffic and engagement


A/B tests are essential for determining what's driving result and what not. In general in A/B testing, two versions are put up back and forth and are analysed, which version performs better.

Any element can affect customer behaviour and can be used while A/B testing.

Let's look at some of the major elements which can be used in A/B Testing.


Titles are important for a page and post. No matter whether it is a page or a blog post, an effective title attracts traffic. In depth research of keywords and A/B testing with multiple headlines can help you find out the most effective headline that will attract more visitors.

Use title generation tool to generate title based on your keyword, in case you find figuring out titles hard.

Sharing Buttons
 Sharing buttons are for sharing content on social media profiles. If you want to increase your social signals then you must have responsive social share buttons. A/B testing can also be implemented on social sharing buttons for improving effectiveness of social sharing buttons.

There are different variations one can make combinations and try, like shuffling social sharing icons, change number if share icons appearing in first row, change positions of sharing icons (top, bottom, floating etc.)

Call to action 
They are undoubtedly the most important part of a website. They encourage users to take desired action, increase conversions and help complete other site goals. A boring CTA(Call to Action) button can decrease chances of conversion.

Running A/B tests on multiple changes in CTA buttons will help you figure out the best version of CTA button which is fruitful for you.

These are some elements on which you can do A/B testing and analyze which is the best for your website.